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Create a Token


Currently we only support single signature transactions, meaning the treasury account would be your account and the token management keys can only be set to your account. Also you can only set one fixed fee rule and one fractional fee rule which in both your account would be the fee collector.

1. Basic Info

What's the identification of the token?

2. Supply

How much there would be and how much there can be?

3. Fees

How much fee would be transferred to your account for any transaction on this token?

4. Keys

Do you want to be able to update part of token properties and information in the future?

5. Image

Do you want your token to have a visual identity?

6. Metadata

Do you want to add aditional information about your token?

7. Expiration & Renewal

On Hedera network, by default each token expires in 90 days before it get renewed. In how many days you want the token to get expired and and renewed for a how long period? if you have nothing particular in your mind, just leave them with the default values.

8. Other Features

Freeze Status
The default Freeze status (frozen or unfrozen) of Hedera accounts relative to this token. If true, an account must be unfrozen before it can receive the token.